Find care and costs

Medical benefits: UnitedHealthcare®

Find care or a doctor near you, manage claims, see benefits and more.

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Mental Health Support

Connect with support: find a therapist, schedule counseling, and get work/life referrals.

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Specialist Management Solutions (SMS)

Are you or an eligible family member facing the possibility of surgery?

Call 1.800.996.2057


Even if you trust your doctor, it’s a great idea to get a second medical opinion.

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Earn rewards


Find your Health Rewards scorecard and participate in fun Team Battles and Missions.

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You and your eligible spouse can each earn up to $500 in rewards.

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Build healthier habits

Health tips and articles

Health and wellness resources for you and your family.

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Tobacco Cessation

Access JLL’s program to help you quit — and stay quit.

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Wellness Coaching

Online and over-the-phone help to reach your health goals.

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Global Fit Gym Discount

Check out info on how to get a discount at over 9,000 gyms across the country.

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Real Appeal

A step-by-step program that helps you lose weight without turning your life upside-down.

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Manage a condition

Maternity Support program

Thinking about having a baby or already have one on the way?

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Orthopedic Health Support

Back, knee, hip, shoulder or neck pain? Talk with a nurse to understand your treatment options.

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Rethink Benefits

Family support for learning, social or behavioral or developmental disabilities.

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Virta Health

A diabetes program with clinically-proven treatment that reverses type 2 diabetes.

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Ongoing 1-1 support with a registered nurse or benefit expert for your health care questions.

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Hinge Health

If you have ongoing back or joint pain, need help recovering from an injury, or to prepare for surgery, Hinge Health can help.

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1. Provided at no additional cost as part of your health benefits.